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PS9000 | Add-on modules

Buffer modules
The buffer modules from the PS9000 series reliably bridge short-term mains power failures of a few milliseconds and thus increase machine and system availability. No control wiring is required for the buffer modules. They can be added in any place in parallel with the load circuit. The buffer modules are used for different purposes:

  • supply of direct current for bridging the failure of DC power supply systems
  • extension of the hold-up time after failure of the mains voltage
  • short-term supply of an additional peak current that lies above the nominal current of the power supply

Maintenance-free electrolytic capacitors are used to store the energy; these can be used even in ambient temperatures of up to +70 °C. Buffer modules can be connected in parallel in order to provide more current or to further increase the hold-up time.

Redundancy modules
The redundancy modules from the PS9400 series are used to set up a redundant, fail-safe supply network. In a redundant system, two or more network devices are connected in parallel and decoupled by one or more redundancy modules. The decoupling of the power supplies prevents a short circuit on the output side in a power supply from short-circuiting the output voltage. As a result, reliable system availability is guaranteed, thus considerably increasing machine and plant availability. The modules use the efficient MOSFET technology for decoupling, which reduces the voltage drop and thus only generates small losses.

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