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KL85xx | Manual operating modules with K-bus interface

The manual operating modules have been developed for the switching, controlling and observation of digital and analog signals. They enable the setting and reading of data and values in the case of failure of a controller, without having to open the control cabinet.

The manual operating modules can be installed in the control cabinet door using a snap-in technique; they are wired inside the control cabinet. Up to 31 modules can be inserted via the K-bus interface with K-bus extension. Connection to the KL9309 signal-independent transfer terminal takes place via the 20-core shielded signal cable ZK8500-8282-70x0. The manual operating modules with the end terminal for KL9020 bus extension can be connected to the Bus Terminal segment. The signals are electrically isolated. Power and error LEDs indicate the status of the modules.

The electrically functionless KL8500 placeholder module covers the cut-out in the control cabinet in such a way that functional units can be retrofitted simply by exchanging the module.

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