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Compact Box


IP1xxx-Bxxx | Digital input

The IP1xxx digital inputs acquire the binary control signals from the process level and transmit them to the higher-level automation device.

IP2xxx-Bxxx | Digital output

The IP20xx-Bxxx digital outputs transmit the binary control signals of the automation device to the actuators at the process level.

IP23/24xx-Bxxx | Digital combi

The IP23xx-Bxxx and IP24xx-Bxxx digital I/O modules combine digital inputs and digital outputs in one device.

IP3xxx-Bxxx | Analog input

The analog inputs evaluate standard analog signals in the range from -10/0 to +10 V or from 0/4 to 20 mA.

IP4xxx-Bxxx | Analog output

The analog outputs generate analog output signals in the range from 0/4 to 20 mA or from -10 to +10 V.

IP5xxx-Bxxx | Position measurement

The IP5xxx-Bxxx support other complex signals such as SSI encoders or incremental encoders.

IP6xxx-Bxxx | Communication

The IP60x2-Bxxx serial interfaces enable devices with RS232 or RS422/RS485 interfaces to be connected to the control level.

Compact Box modules for various fieldbus systems

The Compact Box modules are robust fieldbus stations for various fieldbus systems. They have a wide variety of I/O functions and all relevant industrial signals are supported. As well as digital and analog inputs/outputs including thermocouple and RTD inputs, there are also incremental encoder interfaces available for displacement and angle measurement as well as serial interfaces to solve a large number of communications tasks. The digital inputs/outputs can optionally be connected via M8/M12 screw connectors. The M12 version is provided for analog signals. Signal-specific M23 or D-sub connectors are also available

Special combination I/O modules offer digital input or output channels in one box. Combination modules provide the user with all the advantages of a fine signal granularity.

The processor logic, the input circuit and the sensor supply are fed from the control voltage US; the load or peripheral voltage for the outputs can be supplied separately. This means that the sensors and logic of the fieldbuses are still supplied with power while outputs can be switched off. For Fieldbus Box modules in which only inputs are available, the load supply UP should be connected optionally for forwarding.

The state of the fieldbus connection, the module status, the status of the power supply and of the signals is indicated by LEDs. The label strips per channel and module can be labeled externally by machine and can then be pressed in.