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Scalable Industrial PC solutions


Panel PCs

Panel PCs

The Beckhoff Panel PCs, in the versions as built-in devices or mounting arm devices in IP65, combine modern touch technologies with flexible computing power.



With self-developed and produced motherboards, the Beckhoff Industrial PCs combine performance with flexibility, stability, and long-term availability.

Control Panels

Control Panels

As the front end of a machine, the Beckhoff Control Panels are its visual and functional business card and allow a wide range of customer-specific adaptations.

Embedded PC CX

Embedded PC CX

With the CX series of Embedded PCs, Beckhoff has combined PC technology and modular I/O level to form a space-saving DIN rail unit in the control cabinet.

Software and tools

Software and tools

Industrial PC software and tools are optimally adapted to industrial requirements. The individual components complement each other to form a complete solution for our systems.

Customer-specific solutions

Customer-specific solutions

Beckhoff has been offering a wide range of high-quality panels and PCs for decades. The devices are also available as customer-specific solutions.


TwinCAT Core Boost

TwinCAT Core Boost

Enormous leap in performance thanks to processor cores in turbo mode - TwinCAT Core Boost for greater computing performance in real time



TwinCAT/BSD for Beckhoff Industrial PC platforms combines the TwinCAT runtime with FreeBSD, an industrially tested open source operating system.

CP-Link 4

CP-Link 4

The continuous development of the industrial control panel connection technology allows the control panel to be located away from the PC.

Industrial PCs for all applications

The personal computer has experienced an unprecedented success story and has become a firmly established part of everyday life, including industrial environments. Together with associated software, PCs in different shapes and forms are at the core of a wide range of diverse automation tasks such as control of machines, processes or logistics systems, networking of system components, data acquisition, or image processing. For classic control tasks, PC-based control technology offers excellent scalability and flexibility and is therefore increasingly used in place of hardware PLCs.

Beckhoff is one of the pioneers of PC-based automation: the first PC control system was delivered as early as 1986. Beckhoff Industrial PCs are characterized by a wealth of technology know-how accumulated over recent years. In combination with the TwinCAT automation software, they offer a high-performance control system for PLC, NC and CNC functionalities.

An important feature of the Beckhoff product philosophy is the use of latest, high-performance components and processors for the development and design of Industrial PCs: they integrate the latest developments offered by the technology market and are used successfully worldwide.

Advantage at the very core: the Beckhoff Industrial PCs

The Beckhoff Industrial PCs: highly scalable, with variable configuration and customizable
The Beckhoff Industrial PCs: highly scalable, with variable configuration and customizable

Highly scalable portfolio

Select the Beckhoff Industrial PC that perfectly matches the job. Beckhoff offers a highly scalable portfolio of Industrial PCs ranging from single-core to multi-core and many-core with all types of interfaces, display sizes, form factors with different or identical CPUs, and various protection classes.

Standard Industrial PCs with variable configuration

Almost no applications are exactly alike, and neither are most of the standard Industrial PCs from Beckhoff. Their flexibility in configuration allows users to choose exactly the devices that are best-suited to their specific applications. The product finder can help you select the desired configuration. With processors ranging from Intel® Celeron® to Core™ i7, different RAM and storage options, various operating systems and TwinCAT generations – the menu of options is vast, resulting in an almost unlimited variety of standard Industrial PC models:

  • flexible form factors
  • scalable CPU architectures: Arm®, x86
  • storage media flexibility: HDD, SSD, CFast, μSD
  • wide range of interfaces and screen sizes for all protection classes and installation requirements
  • customized models in terms of mechanics, electrical and electronic components, software and design
  • integration of industry-specific functionalities
  • tailored to specific applications and corporate design guidelines

As desired: customer-specific features and designs

Beckhoff Industrial PCs can be designed and built for customer-specific requirements. The spectrum of options is exceptionally broad and ranges from company logos or special labels and individualized functions to Industrial PCs built in total accordance with the customer’s corporate design.

More than 30 years of expertise built into every Industrial PC

Beckhoff is one of the pioneers of PC-based automation: Beckhoff developed the principle to use PC-based control technology for automated processes as early as 1986. The knowledge and expertise needed to design and build a great variety of Industrial PCs in-house has grown steadily ever since.

Because of this and the close relationships between Beckhoff and global IT innovators such as Microsoft and Intel, users of Beckhoff IPCs will always enjoy a technological advantage.

Hardware: in-house. Performance testing: in-house. Advantage: in-house

At Beckhoff, the seamless chain of integrated processes begins with the in-house production of motherboards. It ends with rigorous in-house testing to validate the performance of the hardware in interaction with TwinCAT control software. Users can count on long-term product availability and a complete system that is optimally coordinated.

The best software for the Beckhoff hardware

High performance hardware needs capable software to match. With the company’s own BIOS development, Beckhoff can offer fully customized software packages. The same applies to the Windows operating system image development and the Industrial PC diagnostics for standardized access to all Industrial PC information. The in-house software development also ensures the system’s real-time capability to perform TwinCAT real-time tests and adapt the Industrial PC software even more precisely to the hardware.

Control Panels in special stainless steel housings are used in the most demanding environments, such as the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
Control Panels in special stainless steel housings are used in the most demanding environments, such as the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Superior technology at first sight

The unmistakable design and high-quality finish of Beckhoff Industrial PCs are fixed parameters of product development from the start.

Starting with our selection of materials our engineers ensure that superior technological standards are reflected in the attractive design, high-quality build and surface finish of every product.

The end result is a consistent, state-of-the-art user experience. The housings of our Control Panels are prime examples, which are milled from a solid block of aluminum. We manufacture the housings this way because:

  • we want our premium design philosophy to be apparent and tangible for the end customer
  • while at the same time enhancing the value of machines and systems.

In many cases, Panel PCs or Control Panels serve as front-ends with high recognition value.

Globally available for decades: Only the combination ensures optimum investment protection.
Globally available for decades: Only the combination ensures optimum investment protection.

Globally available for decades

With a well-thought-out stocking of components Beckhoff can guarantee long-term availability throughout the product portfolio:

  • a total of five years for Industrial PCs
  • a total of ten years for Embedded PCs

End customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that their products will be supported in the long term: through hardware updates with easy CPU integration in the same form factor, reduced cost of software images and training, as well as fast customer service response times. In addition to standard availability, serviceability is guaranteed for many years to come thanks to the foresighted stocking of components.

Reliable delivery performance of lot sizes as small as one

By keeping up to six months’ worth of raw materials and components in stock, Beckhoff can deliver even when global market conditions become challenging.

The worldwide presence of Beckhoff in more than 75 countries ensures fast service and support for globally operating customers in their local language. Moreover, geographical proximity helps develop an in-depth understanding of the technical challenges customers are faced with around the world.