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Apr 22, 2022

TwinCAT Analytics with interactive dashboard

New function provides more flexibility

Data analysis is at the very heart of what makes TwinCAT Analytics. It can be performed as part of the engineering process using the products TE3500 Analytics Workbench or TE3520 Analytics Service Tool.

The Workbench even converts the set configuration into PLC code that allows continuous analysis of the machine and building data in the Analytics Runtime equipment. In addition, a dashboard based on the TwinCAT HMI can be generated. Previously static, the dashboard is now afforded much more flexibility thanks to the new interactive function.

The new functions are available during runtime, which means that the end user does not have to return to the engineering environment. Many changes can be made directly in the web browser in edit mode. Analytics and other HMI controls can be moved, zoomed in on, zoomed out of, or hidden altogether. The settings can be saved individually for each user based on the TwinCAT HMI user management.

Status: Q4/2022