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FC1100 | EtherCAT slave card, 1 channel, PCI

FC1100 | EtherCAT slave card, 1 channel, PCI

FC1100 | EtherCAT slave card, 1 channel, PCI

FC1100 | EtherCAT slave card, 1 channel, PCI

FC1100 | EtherCAT slave card, 1 channel, PCI

The FC1100 PCI EtherCAT card can be used to integrate a PC as a slave in an EtherCAT network. The card has an EtherCAT channel with two ports (IN/OUT) and can be used in three ways:


  • Under TwinCAT it is simply recognized as an EtherCAT slave and can easily be configured with the required process data. Distributed clocks are supported, and the task is readjusted.
  • Users can create their own application (program) based on the Beckhoff EtherCAT slave stack code ET9300 and access the card. Real-time capability is limited in this case.
  • Access to the card can be entirely independent; a dll is available from Beckhoff for operation under Windows.

If the requirement for EtherCAT data exchange between systems arises, functionally similar devices such as the EL6695 bridge terminal or the B110 interface of the CX2/5xxx Embedded PC should be considered in addition to the FC11xx cards.

Product status:

regular delivery

Product information

Technical dataFC1100
FieldbusEtherCAT (direct mode)
PC interfacePCI
EtherCAT plug2 x RJ45, EtherCAT IN/OUT
Data transfer rates100 Mbit/s
EtherCAT Slave ControllerET1100
RAM8 kbytes
SYNC manager8
Cable lengthup to 100 m
Hardware diagnostics2 LEDs per channel, activity, link
Dimensionsapprox. 65 mm x 125 mm
Operating temperature0…+55 °C
DriverTwinCAT driver for EtherCAT,
support in the EtherCAT Slave Stack Code ET9300

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