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TF5430 | TwinCAT 3 Planar Motion

The TF5430 TwinCAT 3 Planar Motion software combines a wide range of functionalities for controlling XPlanar movers and enables efficient and intelligent implementation of individual XPlanar applications. TF5430 TwinCAT 3 Planar Motion is part of TF5890 TwinCAT 3 XPlanar.

The XPlanar movers are represented in TwinCAT by planar mover objects, which establish the link to the physical movers. At the same time, the planar mover objects represent the user interface in the PLC. Movers can be controlled from the application via the interface. In addition, different status information of the individual movers is available and easily accessible, e.g., position data or dynamic information.


Further functionalities are available for the mover path planning:

  • definition of a 2D track network
  • turnout functionality for connecting different tracks
  • collision management through linking tracks, movers, and XPlanar tiles
  • dynamic accumulation of movers
  • input of external set values for transfer of CAM/NCI/CNC profiles (additional license required, e.g.: TF5050 | TwinCAT 3 NC Camming)

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