TwinCAT Weighing Library: New PLC library for weight measurement

Dynamic weighing directly integrated into the control technology

With the new TwinCAT 3 Weighing Library (TF3685), a fast and precise scale for weight measurement can be integrated directly into the PC-based machine control system, and is particularly effective when implemented with the ELM35xx and EL3356 EtherCAT Terminals. At the same time, high-performance signal filtering ensures accelerated process sequences.

The TwinCAT Weighing Library primarily focuses on the dynamic weighing process. This is particularly challenging in terms of the signal filtering, as the weighing time has a significant influence on the overall processing time of the relevant machine. High-speed signal filtering with consistent precision provides a weight result faster, and this optimizes machine processes.

Since a load cell and measured value acquisition via the corresponding EtherCAT Terminals do not constitute a scale, this is exactly where the TF3685 PLC library comes in. It can also be used to connect several load cells together to form a complete scale. In addition, the scaling of the measured values is adopted. Functions such as zeroing and taring are also covered by the new PLC function blocks. In addition to manually triggering the weight measurement, automatic measurement can be performed, where the production material is detected and the measurement is taken directly. This is a significant advantage that eliminates the need for previously required external triggers, such as photoelectric sensors and initiators.

Ms. Carine Larfouilloux

Ms. Carine Larfouilloux
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