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IE2808-0001 | Extension Box, 16-channel digital output, 24 V DC, 0.5 A, D-sub

IE2808, D-sub socket, 25-pin

IE2808, D-sub socket, 25-pin

IP-Link interface
D-sub, 25-pin
Power supply status display:
Box supply (US)
Auxiliary voltage (UP)
Power supply feed
Power supply downstream
1-16 | Output 1-16
17-25 | GND
1 | +24 V DC US
2 | +24 V DC UP
3 | GND
4 | GND
IE2808, D-sub socket, 25-pin

IE2808, D-sub socket, 25-pin

The IE2808 digital output module connects the binary control signals from the automation unit on to the actuators at the process level. The sixteen outputs handle load currents of up to 0.5 A each, although the total current is limited to 4 A. This makes these modules particularly suitable for applications in which not all of the outputs are active at the same time, or in which not all of the actuators draw 0.5 A current. An output short-circuit is recognized and passed on to the controller. The signal state is indicated in groups by means of light emitting diodes. The signal connection is realized by the 25-pin D-sub socket. All outputs are short-circuit proof, protected against inverse connection and can be diagnosed.

After a fault, e.g. a short circuit at an output, the IE2808-0001 version starts up again automatically. The IE2808 version waits for the fault to be reset by the master (CTRL byte).

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