Jan 25, 2021

The planar motor system XPlanar

XPlanar: levitating, contactless, intelligent!

The planar motor system XPlanar provides free 2D product transport and processing with up to 6 degrees of freedom. Modular system layout and multi-mover control enable new machine flexibility.

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XPlanar | eXtended Planarmotorsystem

Multi mover 2D product movement with up to 6 degrees of freedom - levitating, contactless and intelligent!


Highly compact and fully integrated drive unit that allows any product to be lifted.

XPlanar Mover

Floating, freely movable, powerful – the ideal performer for any application.


The orchestrator for modern product handling. Simple operation, maximum freedom, constant expansion.

XPlanar Starterkits

The quick entry into the product handling of the future. Plug-and-play for tomorrow's machine concepts.