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Basis of the MX-System

The MX-System baseplates, which are available in three different sizes and equipped with standardized interfaces, form the basis of the MX-System as a back wall. They can be attached directly to the machine using screw connections and can thus be integrated into the machine installation space visually and functionally. The MX-System baseplates provide both the electrical and mechanical interface for accommodating the modules, and they have data interfaces (from size 1) as well as power interfaces (from size 2). In sizes 1 and 2, the baseplates are available with a minimum of six and a maximum of 24 slots. Starting from the smallest size with six slots, the portfolio offers the possibility to configure MX-System baseplates in 2-slot steps. The MX-System baseplates in size 1 have data connectors only, thus only modules of the MS, MC und MO series can be used. The size 2 baseplates also feature power connectors so that the modules of the MD and MR series as well as more powerful MS und MC modules can be used additionally. Modules that have only one data connector can also be used on baseplates of size 2. Size 3 also offers these possibilities. The key feature, however, is the larger footprint, which is needed to accommodate particularly modules with notably intensive dissipation losses. All three sizes of the baseplate are available in the variants of maximum flexibility as well as application-optimized. When an applicationoptimized baseplate is used, there are definied slots, e. g. for power modules, unlike a baseplate with maximum flexibility.

All MX-System baseplates are made of a sturdy aluminum profile and have connection options for potential equalization. In addition to the housekeeping system integrated in all baseplates, an internal heating system and connection to a water cooling system are optionally available.

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