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The MX baseplates, which are available in different sizes, form the basis of the MX-System as a backplane. They provide both the electrical and mechanical interface to accept the modules. Only the combination of the MX baseplate and the function modules guarantees the compliance with system properties such as IP67 and EMC stability of the system. The baseplates have electrical interfaces in two different versions:

  • MX-C slot for EtherCAT as well as protective extra-low voltages 24 V DC and 48 V DC
  • MX-P slot for the 3~ system voltage and the DC link voltage

In the size 1 and 2, the MX baseplates are available with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 24 slots. Starting with the smallest size with 6 slots, the portfolio offers the possibility to order MX baseplates in 2-slot increments.

While the MX baseplate in size 1 only has MX-C slot connectors and thus only modules of the MS, MC and MO series can be used, size 2 also offers the MX-P slot connectors. This means that the modules of the MD and MR series can also be used here. The corresponding modules always use both connectors. The use of modules with only one MX-C slot connector is possible without any problems.

The connectors and slots are selected in such a way that IP20 contact protection is provided even if no modules and no covers have been mounted on the slots. This also applies to the connectors of the modules.

The MX baseplate is made of a sturdy aluminum profile and has connection options for potential equalization.

The tightness of the system is achieved by mounting the modules on the MX baseplate. The corresponding seals are located on the underside of the modules.

In addition to the possibility of building modules directly onto the MX baseplate, it is also possible to extend a size 2 baseplate so that an installation space similar to that of a classic terminal box is available. The corresponding module belongs to the group MS9xxx.

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