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PC Control is Beckhoff Automation's international customer magazine, published four times a year and supplemented by additional special issues. It covers the full spectrum of New Automation Technology topics, primarily with expert interviews and technical articles on new products and technologies as well as inspiring reports on customer applications across the globe.

Current issue 04/2023

The PC Control issue on SPS 2023 highlights the ongoing innovation of the PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology from Beckhoff in various aspects. In an interview with the Open Automation editorial team, Managing Owner Hans Beckhoff explains not only the company’s development and philosophy, but also the numerous innovations in the spotlight at this ‘Automation Olympics’ in Nuremberg. Two further interviews delve into the Beckhoff exhibition highlights, MX-System and TwinCAT Chat. At the core of PC-based control is the EtherCAT technology introduced by Beckhoff 20 years ago, whose success story is also described from various perspectives in two interviews. The cover story of this issue showcases that the success of EtherCAT cannot be rated ‘highly’ enough – after all, it even reaches into space with the help of Isar Aerospace! That said, it can also be quite ‘down to earth’, as demonstrated by the use of the EL3182 EtherCAT HART Terminals to implement the new NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) for the chemical giant Bayer.


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