C9900-K618...K620, -K668 | Signal and power cable, PUR, 3 G 1.0 + 16 x 0.34 mm², drag-chain suitable, black

M23, socket, straight, female, 19-pin – open end

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regular delivery

Product information

Technical dataHead A
Installation sizeM23
Connector typesocket
Contact typefemale
Number of positions (face)19-pin
Wire terminationcrimp connection
Max. wire cross-sectionAWG26 ... AWG18 (0,14 mm² ... 1,00 mm²)
Body colormetal
Technical dataHead B
Installation sizeopen end
Technical dataMeterware
Cross-section16 x 0.34 mm² (AWG22) + 3 x 1.00 mm² (AWG18)
Usedrag-chain suitable
Material jacketPUR (polyurethane)
Outer cable diameter9.5 mm ± 0.3 mm (0.3740" ± 0.0118")
Jacket colorblack
Ordering informationLength
C9900-K6185.00 m
C9900-K61910.00 m
C9900-K62020.00 m
C9900-K66830.00 m

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