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Process Platform 2021

PC-based control: open automation, explosion protection and IoT in one system

Process Platform 2021 – Speakers

Benjamin Bruns

Since 2014, Benjamin Bruns has been with Beckhoff Automation in the company’s Process Technology Industry Department, where his core tasks include product development and product approvals.

Dr. Martin Früchtl

Dr. rer. nat. Martin Früchtl earned a doctorate from the Technical University of Munich and the University of Kassel in 2013. Parallel to his scientific work, he began his professional career at Beckhoff Automation in the field of safety technology in 2011.

Michael Pfister

Michael Pfister has been with Beckhoff Automation for 10 years. As Product Manager Drive Technology, he focuses mainly on servomotors.

Christian Mische

Christian Mische has been with Beckhoff Automation for 16 years. As Product Manager Drive Technology, he focuses mainly on the AX8000 multi-axis servo system.

Felix Schulte

Felix Schulte has worked for the past two years as a member of the XPlanar team in the field of XTS and XPlanar product management. He also supports the sales activities around the XPlanar system.

Lennart Winkler

Lennart Winkler has been a member of Beckhoff’s Processing Industry Department for four years. He focuses on applications and production.

Jesse Hill

Jesse Hill has worked for four years at Beckhoff Automation in the USA as a Processing Industry Manager. He advises customers all over the country in many areas of the processing industry.

Franziska Dreisewerd

Franziska Dreisewerd has been with Beckhoff for five years. Following her studies, she has worked in the Processing Industry Department with a focus on marketing and sales.

Andres Oetken

Andreas Oetken has supported the Processing Industry Department at Beckhoff Automation for the past two years with a focus on sales and applications.

Nino Costantino

Nino Costantino is a Support and Application Engineer at Beckhoff. He focuses on providing support in the I/O field with special emphasis on ELX, TwinSAFE, and analog technologies.

Leon Maximilian Tillmann

Leon Maximilian Tillmann has been with Beckhoff for four years. He works in the Processing Industry Department. His focus areas include the quality management for explosion-proof products as well as sales.

Sven Goldstein

Sven Goldstein joined Beckhoff Automation in 2005. He works in the TwinCAT Product Management Department, where he is responsible for connectivity-related matters.

Dr.-Ing. Fabian Bause

Dr.-Ing. Fabian Bause has worked in TwinCAT Product Management for more than five years. His areas of expertise include machine learning, the integration of LabVIEW™, MATLAB® and Simulink® as well as real-time signal processing.

Fabian Assion

Dr.-Ing. Fabian Assion has been with Beckhoff as a Product Manager in the I/O field for five years. He focuses on analog measurement technology and I/Os over 60V.

Christian Lindemann

Christian Lindemann works as a Technical Sales Specialist in I/O Product Management, where he focuses in sales of measurement technology and analytics products.

Tim Hildebrandt

Tim Hildebrandt has been part of the TwinCAT Product Management for more than three years now. In his position, he focuses predominantly on TwinCAT HMI and the TwinCAT automation interface.

Laurids Wetzel

Laurids Wetzel has been with Beckhoff for five years. He works in the Processing Industry Department with a focus on software solutions for the process industry.

External Speakers

Niclas Krink (X-Visual Technologies GmbH)

In his position as Technical Project Manager, Niclas Krink focuses on functional software design as well as project and product management.

Christof Franzke (Ing. Punzenberger COPA-DATA GmbH)

Christof Franzke works for Ing. Punzenberger COPA-DATA GmbH as Senior Technical Consultant Key Accounts. He focuses on advising key account customers in the process industry.

Frank Hägele (Ing. Punzenberger COPA-DATA GmbH)

Frank Hägele is Sales Director at Ing. Punzenberger COPA-DATA GmbH. He holds a degree in industrial engineering with a focus on IT and sales from the University of Applied Sciences Hof.


Roland van Mark

Roland van Mark joined Beckhoff Automation in 2001. As Senior Product Manager Industrial PC, he is responsible for the product segment “Industrial PC, Panel PC and Panel”.

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