TF7xxx | TwinCAT 3 Vision

Integrating machine vision into automation technology

In TwinCAT 3 Vision, an open and scalable image processing solution is available that is fully integrated into the TwinCAT universal automation platform. As the configuration of the cameras and the programming of image analysis take place in the familiar TwinCAT environment, engineering is simplified.

With the configurable multi-core support, the broad performance range of the Industrial PC portfolio can be fully utilized in order to solve even demanding image analyses with high efficiency.

For the camera interface, TwinCAT Vision makes use of the globally widespread and accepted GigE Vision standard. As a result of this support, there is a large choice of cameras with various technologies, such as area scan or line scan cameras, or special properties.

Due to the execution of the image processing algorithms in the same real-time environment as PLC, motion, and robotics, tasks can be simply and precisely synchronized. Latencies and additional interfaces are eliminated, resulting in a significant optimization of processes and an increase in machine efficiency.

TwinCAT Vision is divided into products for camera integration and a comprehensive library with a wide variety of image processing algorithms. The basic license is initially required in both cases. Appropriate extensions are available for further functions, such as the realization of special image analyses or the operation of more than two cameras. The TwinCAT Vision Engineering is free of charge and can be tested with the trial license.

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