Worldwide presence on all continents

Our home base: East Westphalia – a region of innovation

Our headquarters are located in the city of Verl in Gütersloh County, a thriving business region in East Westphalia, Germany. Several well-known corporations, along with many successful small and medium-sized businesses, call this region home. A large number of these enterprises are family-managed and have gained international recognition as hidden champions in their respective branches of industry. East Westphalia is seen as one of Germany’s strongest economic regions when it comes to industries specializing in precision engineering and electronics. Many large automation technology manufacturers maintain headquarters in the region. The food, IT and furniture industries also contribute to the economic growth generated in East Westphalia.

Leading business enterprises have formed partnerships with universities and research institutes in the region, making it one of the country’s most dynamic centers of industry and commerce, bringing forth innovations and high-technology of significance to the world market. In fact, East Westphalia’s reputation for innovation is not limited to Germany alone – it is also ranked among the top technology centers in Europe.

Beckhoff international: from Verl – for the world

With 40 subsidiaries as well as partners in more than 75 countries, we are in a position to provide our customers with complete and optimal support. At Beckhoff we also place a special emphasis on communicating with you openly and on equal terms – that applies to both our language and technology. Our 2,200 engineers worldwide are very familiar with the requirements of customers in their regions, and in addition to marketing Beckhoff technology know-how on every continent, they collaborate with their customers to find the perfect solution for every unique challenge. Our many sales offices enable us to be close to customers at all times so that we can respond quickly and effectively whenever customer support is needed.

Representative office Egypt

11/6 Said Zakaria Street
Al Sefarat District, Cairo 11471, Egypt
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