IPxxxx-, IL230x-B/C810 | Fieldbus Box modules for RS232

The RS232 input/output modules in the Fieldbus Box series use a simple, open serial communication protocol based on a master/slave architecture. It is quick and easy to implement for any serial interface, since only a few functions are required. Because of the low transmission rate, which has a maximum of 38.4 kbaud, this network is best employed in circumstances where low demands are placed on response time.

Multiplexer function

As an additional operating mode, autonomous master/slave communication can be established between two serial Fieldbus Box modules. The input data from one device are copied directly to the outputs of the other, without the aid of an additional master – and vice versa. This kind of communication does not require any extensive configuration – it is only necessary for the node addresses to be appropriately selected.


The node address is set in the range from 1 to 69 using two decimally coded rotary switches. The transmission rate is set to 38,400 baud by default. Like the other system parameters, it can be altered if required using the KS2000 software tool through the serial configuration interface of the Fieldbus Box.


A status byte is transmitted with each telegram, providing information about the node and communication states. The status of the network connection, the device status, the status of the inputs and outputs and of the power supply are displayed by LEDs.

Compact Box

Compact Box modules with serial interfaces are available for all relevant industrial signals. In addition to digital and analog input and output modules including thermo­couple and RTD inputs, there are also incremental encoder interfaces available for displacement and angle measurement in addition to serial interfaces to solve a large number of communication tasks.

Coupler Box

The serial Coupler Box gathers the I/O data from the Extension Box modules over the interference-free IP-Link fiber-optic cable. It detects the connected modules and automatically allocates the input and output data to the process image. Both data consistency and a clear separation of input and output data are ensured. The Coupler Box has four digital inputs and four digital outputs. Other kinds of signals are available in the Extension Box.


The PLC Box is an intelligent RS232 coupler that can perform non-central decentralized processing of I/O data and execute control tasks. It has four digital inputs and four digital outputs. Up to 120 further Extension Box modules can be connected via IP-Link. The I/O data can be made available either to the local PLC program or to the supervising controller. The PLC Box is programmed using TwinCAT through the configuration interface.

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