New APS4244 and APS4224 XPlanar tiles

Larger tiles for efficient use of space and challenging applications

Two new tiles – the highly compact XPlanar drives – are now available for the Beckhoff planar motor system. Their larger dimensions enable 1- or 2-route operation of XPlanar movers with a width of 155 mm on a minimal footprint. The new form factor can reduce the space required and costs by up to 50%, especially in applications with transport weights between 800 and 3000 g. In addition, the new tiles open up numerous additional applications due to increased precision, dynamics, and mover packing density. Variants with STO functionality are also available.

The APS4244 and APS4224 XPlanar tiles represent a new form factor in the system and feature dimensions of 320 x 320 mm and 160 x 320 mm respectively. For the first time, this allows 1-track operation (APS4224) or 2-track operation (APS4244) that is optimized for the APM43x0 movers, enabling more flexible and significantly more cost-effective routes to be achieved. The two new tiles also offer improved precision and reduced minimum mover spacing, which means increased mover packing density. In addition, there is a powerful integrated power supply unit for increased dynamics. Depending on the variant, STO functionality is implemented to enable the easy integration of manual workstations, for example.

Ms. Vivian Møllegård

Ms. Vivian Møllegård
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