AT2xxx, ATH2xxx | XTS motor modules

The XTS motor modules are the functionaries of the XTS modular system. The integration of the linear motor with power output stages and position detection enables the compact and flexible construction of intelligent transport systems. The combination of straight sections with different radii (straight, 22.5° curve, -22.5° curve, 45° curve, and 180° curve) ensures the optimal adaptation of the travel path to the local conditions. This increases productivity and reduces the plant footprint.

As a mechatronic module, the XTS motor module integrates the motor function, the multi-position detection, the power supply and the data communication. This reduces not only the number of components required, but also the cabling and assembly work as well as commissioning times.

The XTS motor modules with power supply provide the system with energy as well as providing the communication interface to the control computer. Further motor modules can be simply plugged together to make sections of up to 3 m. The XTS motor modules with permanently connected 5 m-long supply cables are particularly compact; a variant with a plug allows the realization of longer cable lengths and can simplify assembly under special environmental conditions.

A mechanical interface on the motor module enables the direct mounting of guide rails. For the absorption of larger forces, a guide rail can be routed in parallel to the motor modules. For this purpose, special black unicolor motor modules are available without fastening holes.

The extension of the XTS system with the NCT functionality enables contactless power and data transmission to the movers. In addition to the passive product transport, process steps can be actively carried out directly on the mover – both during movement and when at a standstill. The hardware required for the transmission technology is fully integrated into the AT21xx motor module, so that the existing functionalities and compact set-up of the standard motor modules are retained.

The stainless steel XTS motor modules allow the advantageous use of the XTS system even in hygienically demanding environments. The protection rating IP69K can be achieved in the assembled state. The hygienic design has no concealed edges or undercuts and has good chemical resistance to industry-standard cleaning agents.

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