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Cables and connectors overview | Fieldbus

In addition to the extensive range of EtherCAT cables, Beckhoff also supplies accessories for common fieldbuses such as DeviceNet and PROFINET, which are shown in this overview. The shown products represent a cross-section of the wide product portfolio.

No. Type Article
(1) Industrial Ethernet/EtherCAT, RJ45, plug, straight, IDC, 4-pin, AWG24-22 ZS1090-0003
(2) Industrial Ethernet/EtherCAT cable, fixed installation, 1 x 4 x AWG22 ZB9010
(3) Industrial Ethernet/EtherCAT patch cable, green, RJ45, plug, 8-pin – RJ45, plug, 8-pin ZK1090-9191-Cxxx
(4) CANopen/DeviceNet, open style connector, 5-pin, with termination resistor ZS1052-3000
(5) PROFIBUS, D-sub connector, 9-pin, with termination resistor ZS1031-3000
(6) Standard connector for 1,000 μm plastic fiber Z1000
(7) Connector set for direct connector assembly for POF cables ZS1090-0008
(8) DeviceNet cable ZB5200
(9) CAN cable ZB5100
(10) PROFIBUS cable ZB3200
(11) Plastic fiber optic Z1100
(12) POF fiber-optic duplex cable Z1190
(13) Multi-mode fiber-optic cable, SC duplex connector ZK1091-1001-0xxx
(14) Industrial Ethernet/EtherCAT, M12, male, straight, 4-pin – RJ45, plug, 4-pin ZK1090-6191-xxxx
(15) CANopen/DeviceNet, M12, male, straight, 5-pin – open end ZK1052-6100-3xxx
(16) PROFIBUS, M12, male, straight, 5-pin – open end ZK1031-6100-1xxx
(17) Industrial Ethernet/EtherCAT, M8, male, straight, 4-pin – M12, male, straight,4-pin ZK1090-3161-0xxx
(18) M12, male, straight, 5-pin –M12, female, straight, 5-pin ZK2000-5152-0xxx
(19) CANopen/DeviceNet, M12, male, straight, 5-pin – M12, female, straight, 5-pin ZK1052-6152-3xxx
(20) PROFIBUS, M12, female, straight, 5-pin – M12, male, straight, 4-pin ZK1031-6251-1xxx
(21) Pre-assembled IP-Link cable, drag-chain suitable ZK1020-0101-0xxx

xxx = cable length in decimeters