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BC7300 | Modbus Bus Terminal Controller

BC7300 | Modbus Bus Terminal Controller

BC7300 | Modbus Bus Terminal Controller

Power LEDs
Bus Coupler
Input for
power contacts
Power contacts
Fieldbus connection
Address selector
Configuration and
programming interface
Address selector
BC7300 | Modbus Bus Terminal Controller

BC7300 | Modbus Bus Terminal Controller

The Bus Terminal Controller BC7300 is a Bus Coupler with integrated PLC functionality and has a fieldbus interface for Modbus. The BC7300 is an intelligent slave and can be used as a non-central intelligence in the Modbus system. One unit consists of the Bus Terminal Controller, any number of terminals between 1 and 64, and a bus end terminal. Because of the low baud rate used by the Modbus protocol, use of the BC7300 may be of value to reduce the bus communication. Time-critical connections can also be programmed directly at the Bus Terminal Controller.

The Bus Terminal Controller is programmed using the TwinCAT 2 programming system according to IEC 61131-3. The configuration/programming interface on the BC7300 is used to load the PLC program.

The inputs and outputs of the connected Bus Terminals are assigned in the PLC’s default setting. Each Bus Terminal can be configured in such a way that it exchanges data directly through the fieldbus with the higher-level automation device. Similarly, pre-processed data can be exchanged between the Bus Terminal Controller and the higher-level controller via the fieldbus. Configuration is performed using the KS2000 configuration software.

Controller for distributed signal processing

The programming system TwinCAT for the BC7300 operates, independently of the manufacturer, in accordance with IEC 61131-3. The PLC programs can be written in five different programming languages (IL, FBD, LD, SFC, ST). In addition, TwinCAT offers extensive debug functionalities (breakpoint, single step, monitoring, …), which facilitate commissioning. It is also possible to perform adjustment and measurement of the cycle time.

Product status:

regular delivery (not recommended for new projects) | recommended alternative: BC8050, BX8000

Product information

PLC dataModbus | BC7300
ProgrammingTwinCAT (via programming interface or fieldbus)
Program memory32/96 kbytes
Data memory32/64 kbytes
Remanent data512 bytes
Runtime system1 PLC task
PLC cycle timeapprox. 3 ms for 1,000 instructions (without I/O cycle, K-bus)
Programming languagesIEC 61131-3 (IL, LD, FBD, SFC, ST)
Online change
Technical dataBC7300
Number of Bus Terminals64
Max. number of bytes fieldbus512 byte input and 512 byte output
Digital peripheral signals256 inputs/outputs
Analog peripheral signals128 inputs/outputs
ProtocolRTU/ASCII (default: RTU)
Configuration possibilityby rotary switch or KS2000
Data transfer rates150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19,200, 38,400 baud (default: 9600 baud)
Bus interfaceD-sub 9-pin, RS485
Power supply24 V DC (-15%/+20%)
Input current70 mA + (total K-bus current)/4, 500 mA max.
Starting current2.5 x continuous current
Recommended fuse≤ 10 A
Current supply K-bus1750 mA
Power contactsmax. 24 V DC/max. 10 A
Electrical isolation500 V (power contact/supply voltage/fieldbus)
Weightapprox. 170 g
Operating/storage temperature0…+55°C/-25…+85°C
Relative humidity95%, no condensation
Vibration/shock resistanceconforms to EN 60068-2-6/EN 60068-2-27
EMC immunity/emissionconforms to EN 61000-6-2/EN 61000-6-4
Protect. rating/installation pos.IP20/variable
Approvals/markingsCE, UL, ATEX, IECEx, DNV GL
Ex markingATEX: II 3 G Ex ec IIC T4 Gc
IECEx: Ex ec IIC T4 Gc
Housing dataBKxxxx, BCxxxx
Design formcompact terminal housing with signal LEDs
Dimensions (W x H x D)51 mm x 100 mm x 69 mm
Installationon 35 mm DIN rail, conforming to EN 60715 with lock
Side by side mounting by means ofdouble slot and key connection
Markinglabeling of the BZxxx series
Wiringsolid conductor (s), flexible conductor (st) and ferrule (f): spring actuation by screwdriver
Connection cross-sections*: 0.08…2.5 mm²,
st*: 0.08…2.5 mm²,
f*: 0.14…1.5 mm²
Stripping length8…9 mm
Current load power contactsImax: 10 A

*s: solid wire; st: stranded wire; f: with ferrule

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