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CX8000 | Embedded PC series

Powerful 32-bit controller with integrated fieldbus and I/O interface

CX8000 is a device family of programmable controllers with 32‑bit Arm9™ CPU, which can be used for processing of PLC programs or as intelligent slave devices for higher-level fieldbus systems. Unlike with the non-programmable Bus Couplers of the EK series (EtherCAT Coupler), which only act as gateway between the associated fieldbus system and the connected EtherCAT Terminals, the CX8000 is programmable and able to run its own control program. The CX8000 devices can therefore be used as local controllers.

Bus Terminals (K‑bus) or EtherCAT Terminals (E‑bus) can alternatively be connected; the CX8000 automatically recognizes the type of I/O system connected during the start‑up phase. The use of EtherCAT gives rise to further options, such as the realization of different topologies, the integration of further bus systems such as CANopen, PROFIBUS and PROFINET and – with the EtherCAT Box modules – connection to the IP67 world.

Like all CX products, the CX8000 devices are programmed and commissioned via the Ethernet interface, which can also be used for connection of the control system with a regular network. Some of the Embedded PCs have further Ethernet interfaces with switch functions, so that a linear daisy chain topology can be constructed inexpensively without additional hardware. The other connections on the lower plug level are fieldbus-specific. Thanks to their low power consumption, the devices are fanless.

Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6 is used as the operating system. TwinCAT 2 software is used for system configuration and the programming of the PLC functionality. The CX8000 target device features a pre-installed TwinCAT 2 PLC runtime environment. All software required for operating the device, including the operating system, the TwinCAT files and user files and data, is stored on the microSD flash card. This simplifies exchange in the case of service. Commercial card readers can be used to access the card data. The size of the microSD flash card (e.g. 256 MB) can be chosen depending on the application and the quantity of data to be stored.

The CX8000 device family features an integrated, capacitive 1‑second UPS, which in the event of a failure of the supply voltage provides sufficient energy for saving persistent data. Important data are thus retained without battery backup in the event of a loss of power.

With a high-performance but nevertheless energy-saving 32-bit Arm® processor, EtherCAT as I/O bus and TwinCAT 2 PLC with extensive PLC libraries, the Embedded Controllers from the CX8000 series represent very compact, high-performance and versatile controllers with slave fieldbus connection.

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