FM33xx | Fieldbus Modules

The FM33xx-B110 Fieldbus Modules allow the direct connection of 12 or 32 thermocouples in one assembly. The multi-thermocouple connection is accommodated in a compact, splash-proof housing and possesses an EtherCAT IN and an EtherCAT OUT interface. The modules are supplied with voltage via separate M8 connectors and are "daisy-chain"-capable on both the power supply and EtherCAT side, i. e. several modules can be wired in series in a line topology.

The module's circuit can operate the thermocouple sensors using 2-wire connections. Linearization over the full temperature range is realized with the aid of a microprocessor. The temperature range can be selected freely. The error LEDs indicate a broken wire. The cold junction compensation is carried out by means of temperature reduction in the connectors, so that standard extension cables can be connected. The Fieldbus Modules have back-voltage protection circuitry to protect against external voltages applied to the thermocouple inputs. Voltages of up to 230 V AC are withstood without damage to the module. Those thermocouple inputs that are not affected remain functionally operative, or are only affected for a short time. The advanced parameterization is done via EtherCAT. The parameters are stored in the module. The status of the Fieldbus Module is displayed via light emitting diodes.

The different versions of the FM33xx-B110 Fieldbus Modules differ in terms of the number of available thermal input channels (12 or 32 channels) as well as the housing type (clip-on housing A or bulkhead-mounted housing B). The type-B bulkhead-mounted housing has two locking tabs as well as a circumferential rubber seal for an IP65-protected connection to the socket element. Housing type B is additionally equipped with two cast tabs with holes for attaching the FM module to mounting plates (feed-through mounting).

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