Powerful Industrial Panel PCs – Operation, control and monitoring of every machine or plant


Multi-touch Panel PCs

Multi-touch Panel PCs

The CP2xxx and CP3xxx Panel PC series with screen sizes from 7 to 24 inches offer multi-touch technology and flexible computing power.

Single-touch Panel PCs

Single-touch Panel PCs

The CP6xxx and CP7xxx Panel PC series also offer tried-and-tested resistive touch technology and flexible computing power in the Economy version.

Ex Panel PCs

Ex Panel PCs

The CPX27xx and CPX37xx Panel PC series for use in zone 2/22 offer multi-touch technology and multi-core performance.

Panel PC accessories

Panel PC accessories

The product range is supplemented by a wide range of accessories, consisting of plug-in cards, communication modules, connection cables and operating systems.

Industrial Panel PCs – the visual and functional business card of every machine or plant

Beckhoff developed the first Panel PCs for direct integration in the machine as early as the 1980s, thus opening up the possibility of efficiently combining application operation and control in a single device.

First PC-based machine control
First PC-based machine control

With the first self-developed Industrial Panel PCs, the foundations were thus laid for today's comprehensive portfolio. The goal is still the same now as it was then: modern Control Panel technology combined with high-performance PC technology. The result is an all-in-one device that can be integrated efficiently and inexpensively in the machine.

As a combination of Control Panel (HMI) and Industrial PC (IPC), the Industrial Panel PC is suitable for installation in the front of a control cabinet (versions CP2xxx, CP6xxx) and for mounting arm installation (versions CP3xxx, CP7xxx). High-performance components make machine-level operation, control and monitoring one of the strengths of the Panel PCs, whose elegant housings are designed for easy accessibility of all components and optimal space utilization. A high-performance platform for every application in machine construction and plant engineering can be generated from the combination of different display sizes from 5.7 to 24-inch and various add-on PCs with processors from Intel Atom® to Core™ i7.

State-of-the-art multi-touch technology meets tried-and-tested housing technology and perfectly matched PC hardware.

Multi-touch technology

In order to meet the high demands for mechanical stability, compatibility with harsh industrial environments, precise operation and elegant design, Beckhoff uses exclusively manufactured multi-touch sensors. All necessary controller boards are self-developed and manufactured in-house. The result is a very robust overall system, which enables state-of-the-art operating comfort even in harsh machine environments.

Housing technology

As a pioneer in Control Panel and Panel PC technology, Beckhoff has always predominantly relied on high-quality aluminum as a basic material for its products. Aluminum is characterized by very high mechanical stability, excellent thermal conductivity, high functionality even in EMC-critical environments, flexible manufacturing options and, last but not least, perfect aesthetics. It is therefore the ideal basis for successful products. Furthermore, aluminum as a raw material also facilitates flexible mechanical processing, which means that customer-specific projects can be realized in smaller lot sizes.

Perfectly matched PC hardware

Whether for application as a display device (HMI) or as a complete Control Panel PC, Beckhoff relies on its own expertise in the area of PC-based control technology too, with self-developed and manufactured motherboards. In this way, the user benefits from flexible, high-performance hardware platforms with guaranteed long-term availability. The company's own hardware is rounded off by a self-developed BIOS as well as comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft operating systems and its own ultra-compact operating system, TwinCAT/BSD.

Advantage at the very core

An extensive range of industrially proven Panel PCs – due to the combination of comprehensive experience in the following areas:

  • housing technology
  • touch technology
  • motherboard development
  • BIOS and operating systems
  • customer-specific adaptations