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Layer Chart with Curve Creator for TE1300 TwinCAT 3 Scope View Professional

The reference and comparative curves overlayed in the selected chart can be defined in the TwinCAT Scope Layer Editor.
The reference and comparative curves overlayed in the selected chart can be defined in the TwinCAT Scope Layer Editor.

A frequent application in measurement technology is the comparison of signal curves. For example, old reference curves are to be compared with current curves, curves of different systems or also curve sections with other sections of a current recording. To perform these functions to the fullest, the TwinCAT 3 Scope View Professional provides the new Layer Chart option. The Layer Editor enables the definitions of practically any number of layers. Each layer can load curves or curve sections. This makes it possible to overlay the layers with actual values in YT or XY charts. In this way, deviations in the signal curves quickly become graphically visible. The function is available not only for ongoing recordings, but also for saved recordings. A special combination is shown together with the display triggers, which allow trigger-controlled running of the current curve over the reference curve again and again.

Curve sections from any recordings, even from already existing ones, can be used to create the reference curve. The so-called Curve Creator can be used for this purpose. It can be used to save curve sections as references. Alternatively, the Curve Creator allows to manipulate the original curve. It can be stretched, compressed, or an offset can be assigned. The transformation of the curve is also possible. If a free reference curve is to be created without a template, this can be done using the Curve Creator as well as via a csv that can be loaded into the Scope.

With reduced scope, these functions can be used with the free TwinCAT Scope Base variant. The full range of functions is available with TE1300 Scope View Professional.


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The TwinCAT 3 Scope View is a software oscilloscope for the graphic representation of signal curves in different chart types. These could be, for example, YT, XY, bar or digital charts. The Scope View Professional extends the Scope View Base version supplied with TwinCAT 3 XAE by additional functionalities. The field of application refers to processes that are to be tracked and monitored over a longer period of time.