TE1030 | TwinCAT 3 Documentation GenerationNew

TE1030 | TwinCAT 3 Documentation Generation

TE1030 | TwinCAT 3 Documentation Generation

TE1030 | TwinCAT 3 Documentation Generation

TE1030 | TwinCAT 3 Documentation Generation

The documentation of machines and products is required by law (e.g. Machinery Directive, Product Safety Act) and therefore necessary for every machine. Documentation must also be consistent with the current technical state of the machine: If, for example, there are changes to the machine's PLC code, these must also be recorded in the documentation. To ensure this requirement, documentation can be generated from the current state of the PLC code.

This enables TE1030 TwinCAT 3 Documentation Generation. The documentation is created based on the project structure and using specific markups within the comments in the PLC code, which can be used to mark relevant information. With the help of these markups, comments can be marked as descriptions, tables or lists can be created, images can be inserted and internal and external links can be created, among other things. To make it as easy as possible for the operator to create the documentation, a preview of the documentation can be generated for each POU (Programming Organization Unit), so that there is no need to extract a complete documentation to make changes visible.

The product integrates seamlessly into the TwinCAT Engineering environment. In addition, with the exception of the markups, no additional knowledge is required so that even the plant programmer can create the documentation for a machine and keep it up-to-date with little additional effort.

Product status:

product announcement | estimated market release 4th quarter 2023

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