TS4110 | TwinCAT PLC Temperature Controller

The TwinCAT Temperature Controller is a universally applicable PLC function block for monitoring and controlling a wide variety of temperature-dependent processes. The following operation modes are available:

  • automatic (closed loop)
  • manual (open loop)

The control value can be tapped in analog and digital form; the digital control value is pulse width modulated (PWM). In addition, a two-point or three-point output is available. The control value and set value are limited to the permissible minimum and maximum values; the set value can be changed via a ramp. The actual value can be digitally filtered. The control algorithm is PID-based. A pre-controller can be used to reduce overshoot.

The controller has a variety of parameterizable monitoring functions:

  • tolerance band monitoring (two different tolerance bands)
  • absolute value monitoring
  • encoder monitoring (open, back voltage, reverse)
  • heating current monitoring (open, short circuit, leakage current)

In order to simplify commissioning, there is an algorithm for determining the optimal controller parameters. This algorithm evaluates a jump and determines the maximum velocity and delay time of the section using the inflectional tangent method. The controller parameters can be determined separately for the heating and cooling section.

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