TwinCAT 3 platforms

Platform classification

The TwinCAT 3 runtime components are available for different platforms.

The platform levels correspond to the various TwinCAT 3 performance classes of the Beckhoff PCs. The TwinCAT 3 performance class of a Beckhoff PC depends on the configuration and the technical data of the PC (including the processor).
The overview shows the various TwinCAT 3 platforms. The controllers integrated in the platform classifications represent sample configurations. The TwinCAT 3 performance class required for a TwinCAT 3 Runtime component can be found in the product description of the respective Beckhoff PC.

Here you will find further information about TwinCAT 3 licensing.

Designation system

The TwinCAT designation system consists of letters and numbers for components, classification, specification, pre-activation and plattforms.

Product overview

TwinCAT 3 is divided into components.

The TwinCAT 3 engineering components enable the configuration, programming and debugging of applications. The TwinCAT 3 runtime consists of further components – basic components and functions.

The functions are classified into various categories:

  • motion control
  • measurement technology
  • control technology
  • communication
  • ...