BKxxxx | Bus Couplers

The Bus Couplers connect the modularly extendable Bus Terminals from the KLxxxx, KSxxxx and KMxxxx series with the respective fieldbus systems. The Bus Coupler performs all the monitoring and control tasks that are necessary for operation of the connected Bus Terminals. The specific settings of analog and multifunctional Bus Terminals are adapted to the application via the KS2000 configuration software.

The standard Bus Couplers form a unit comprising a Bus Coupler, any number of terminals up to a maximum of 64 and a bus end terminal. In addition to digital signal types, the Economy plus Bus Couplers also support all other signal types. Up to 255 Bus Terminals can be connected via the K-bus extension. The Compact Bus Couplers have a particularly compact housing and also enable connection of up to 255 Bus Terminals via the terminal bus extension.

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