EQxxxx | IP69K stainless steel EtherCAT Box


EQ1xxx | Digital input

The EQ1xxx digital inputs are intended for the processing of digital/binary signals.

EQ2xxx | Digital output

The EQ2xxx digital outputs are intended for the processing of digital/binary signals.

EQ23xx | Digital combi

The EQ23xx I/O modules combine digital inputs and digital outputs in one device.

EQ3xxx | Analog input

The EQ3xxx EtherCAT Box modules process analog signals with the levels 0 to 10 V, ±10 V, 0 to 20 mA and 4 to 20 mA.

EtherCAT Box modules in stainless steel housing

The Beckhoff EtherCAT Box system is supplemented by modules in a stainless steel finish. The modules from the EQxxxx series are manufactured entirely in a hygienic design. They can be used in the extreme, harsh and potentially corrosive industrial environment. Hence, they are ideal for use in the foodstuffs, chemical or pharmaceutical industries, which demand protection rating IP69K.

The stainless steel EtherCAT Box modules cover the typical range of requirements of I/O signals: digital inputs with a filter of 3.0 ms, digital outputs with 0.5 A output current, and combination modules with freely selectable digital inputs or outputs. In addition, analog input modules for current/voltage measurement are available. Temperature measurement modules for resistance sensors or thermocouples complement the product range. The signals are connected via M12 connectors. The modules of the EQxxxx series have an EtherCAT interface. The power supply and transfer takes place via M8 connectors or sockets.

The EtherCAT Box modules in the stainless steel finish have been qualified with the extended temperature range of -25…+60 °C (storage temperature -40…+85 °C). Thus, the IP69K modules can also be used in extreme climatic zones.