ET9300 | EtherCAT Slave Stack Code

ET9300 | EtherCAT Slave Stack Code

ET9300 | EtherCAT Slave Stack Code

ET9300 | EtherCAT Slave Stack Code

ET9300 | EtherCAT Slave Stack Code

The EtherCAT Slave Stack Code (SSC) is a code written in ANSI C. Its modular and simple structure enables fast entry into slave development.

A large number of EtherCAT slaves can be realized with the SSC, from the I/Os to the drives. The stack can be easily adapted to different platforms since it provides a defined hardware access layer and also supports different controller architectures.

The SSC, which has been available since 2004 and has been continously maintained and enhanced in collaboration with the EtherCAT Technology Group, is considered to a certain extent to be the reference for an EtherCAT slave device implementation. Particular attention was paid to the conformity with the protocol specification.

The slave stack code tool provided offers the possibility to generate a slave stack code, device description files (ESI) and individual source code documentation to suit the developer’s own needs.


Functionality (excerpt)

  • ESM (EtherCAT State Machine)
  • mailbox protocols:
    • CoE (CAN application protocol over EtherCAT)
    • AoE (ADS over EtherCAT)
    • EoE (Ethernet over EtherCAT)
    • FoE (File Transfer over EtherCAT)
    • preparation for SoE (Servo drive profile over EtherCAT)
  • preparation for boot loader support
  • various synchronizations (e.g. DC), including Sync Watchdog
  • example implementation of the CiA402 drive profile according to ETG.6010 specification


For further information and download of the SSC please see (ETG membership necessary).

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ET9300license for using the EtherCAT Slave Stack Code (free download via Member Area of the EtherCAT Technology Group web page)

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