CX20x3 | Embedded PC series

Embedded PCs with AMD Ryzen™ CPU and up to four cores

The CX2033 and CX2043 Embedded PCs are DIN rail mountable controllers from the CX2000 family based on AMD Ryzen™ CPUs.

The CX2033 has an AMD Ryzen™ V1202B CPU with a clock speed of 2.3 GHz and two cores, while the CX2043 has an AMD Ryzen™ V1807B CPU with a clock speed of 3.35 GHz and four cores.

The main features of this CX20x3 series are:

  • high multi-core CPU performance
  • high 2D/3D graphic performance of the AMD GPU integrated in the CPU
  • comfortable 8 GB RAM (expandable)
  • outstanding real-time characteristics (low latency and jitter)
  • modern 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems
  • full support for TwinCAT 2 and TwinCAT 3
  • mechanical and electronic compatibility with existing CX2000 modules and components

The basic equipment of the CPU modules includes two independent Gbit-Ethernet interfaces, four USB 3.1 Gen. 2 ports, one DVI-D interface, and a multi-option interface that can be equipped ex factory with a flexible choice of further interfaces (e.g., serial port, fieldbus, or second video connection).

The entire CX2000 series is designed for modular expandability. A functional minimum configuration consists of a basic CPU module and a (CX2100-0xxx) power supply unit with an integrated I/O interface, to which the entire portfolio of K-bus terminals or EtherCAT Terminals can be directly connected. Further components from the CX2000 family can be connected via the multi-pin connectors on both sides of the basic CPU module. The individual system components are series-connectable modules with a width of 22 mm or a multiple of 22 mm.

For power supply components there is a choice between electrically isolated and unisolated power supply units, and various power categories (Watt). All power supply units feature an illuminated anti-glare LC display with two rows of 16 characters each for displaying status messages. The application programs can also use the display for displaying application-specific texts.

EtherCAT as a fast I/O system

The Embedded PCs were developed with a view to optimized interaction with EtherCAT. Therefore, each CX2000 controller has an internal primary EtherCAT port that can be fed to the right to the I/O level and enables the use of EtherCAT I/O terminals, but can also automatically switch to the K-bus terminal system if necessary.

Both Ethernet ports of the basic CPU module can be used both for standard IT connections and as additional primary EtherCAT interfaces. In conjunction with EtherCAT and TwinCAT, it is possible to implement very fast control processes in the microsecond range (eXtreme Fast Control Technology).

Due to the separate Gigabit-Ethernet interfaces it is also possible to use EtherCAT with cable redundancy by using one of the Ethernet interfaces as a redundancy port. In addition, the devices can be operated with a secondary EtherCAT interface in the multi-option interface so that several intelligent controllers can be synchronized via an EtherCAT network.

PLC, Motion Control, interpolation, and visualization

As an Industrial PC on the DIN rail, the CX20x3 has the functionality of large Industrial PCs in interaction with TwinCAT. Multi-core CPUs in conjunction with TwinCAT 3 enable PLC projects to be distributed to several cores, resulting in significant performance gains. Likewise, all TwinCAT Motion Control functions can be used to the full: In theory, up to 256 axes can be controlled and more complex multi-axis functions such as electronic gearing, cam plate, and flying saw are possible in addition to simple point-to-point movements. Due to the powerful CPUs, the CX20x3 can also execute interpolating 3D path movements and complex axis kinematics.

With the CX20x3 series, particular importance was also attached to the continuation of support for (32-bit) TwinCAT 2; however, an upgrade to the more modern (64-bit) TwinCAT 3 is possible at any time with this device series.

With both TwinCAT 2 and TwinCAT 3, the management in the TwinCAT real-time core ensures that sufficient time remains for the user interface (HMI) in addition to the control tasks executed in real-time. The high performance of the graphics kernel integrated in the CPU enables demanding visualizations with advanced user interfaces to be realized.

The CX20x3 series is also available as an Embedded PC without operating system and without TwinCAT.

The extended operating temperature range from -25 to +60°C enables use under climatically challenging conditions.

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