First steps with XPlanar

The XPlanar starter kits are complete XPlanar systems for a quick entry into the non-contact product handling of tomorrow. In order to conserve valuable development resources, the starter kits are delivered fully assembled and tested. They include the tiles, the machine bed, the movers, and the industrial PC as well as a software example. After opening the transport box, the user can immediately commence with the first tests.

On the one hand, the starter kits enable you to test your own application ideas by moving workpiece carriers and products under real conditions. On the other hand, they simplify the examination of floating product handling. Users get an overview of the basic possibilities of the technology as well as an impression of the programming of specific applications. The development of revolutionary machine concepts with the XPlanar becomes a finger exercise thanks to the knowledge thus acquired.

The XPlanar starter kits can also be used beyond development. After completion of the basic tests, the tiles can be removed from the machine bed and installed in prototypes or demonstration plants. A XPlanar starter kit is not only a safe investment in today's technology know-how, but also in exciting new plants of tomorrow.

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