XPlanar software

The TF5890 software, which is fully integrated in TwinCAT, is the brilliant conductor of any XPlanar application. As a central intelligence, the software orchestrates all functionalities of the system. A wide range of functions and function blocks are available for the quick implementation of the individual application. This results in a great saving of time for the user during the commissioning and adaptation of the system. The time-to-market is drastically reduced.

The XPlanar configurator provides support when commissioning the system. It detects the connected XPlanar hardware and automatically generates the associated software objects. Thus, the user can move the movers for the first time just a few moments after switching on the system.

The individual stations of the system are easily linked to each other via 2D paths. The paths can be specified graphically and also described geometrically. The software prevents any collisions of the movers at the system runtime. In addition, complex geometries, for example with G-code, can also be traversed. The simplest solutions for product transport as well as a wide range of options for product processing are available to the user in the field of path planning. The XPlanar thus becomes a real all-rounder in terms of movements in the machine.

In addition to improving the existing features of the XPlanar software, Beckhoff is continuously working on new functions. These future functions can be added to existing systems by means of updates. Thus, new possibilities to optimize plants and rethink processes are constantly available. Once purchased, therefore, an XPlanar system is a secure investment in both the present and the future.

Of course, all the properties mentioned can be combined with other tools from the TwinCAT construction kit as desired: voice control, cloud integration or camera inspection can be implemented with very little effort.

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