XTS starter kits

As mechatronic XTS units, the XTS starter kits, optionally with NCT functionality, enable a plug-and-play solution for the office. The starter kit contains all the required individual components as a basis for a quick and easy introduction to the technology. Motor modules with guide rails and movers are fully assembled on a support frame. The kit includes a control cabinet, an Industrial PC, and the required software packages and provides a ready-to-operate system. This overall package is complemented by one day of support and programming assistance with a Beckhoff application engineer.

First mover movements possible with little effort

Assuming basic knowledge of motion control and practical experience with TwinCAT is available, the starter kit can be commissioned in a few minutes. System concepts and the interaction with individual system modules can be verified. In addition, initial experience is gained with your own mover superstructures as well as transported goods. A preliminary test of the later program sequence is possible.

A wide range of applications can be realized with the starter kit

In addition to an introduction to the technology, the starter kit offers practical applications options. The advantages of the XTS can be demonstrated using a real-life system. The starter kit can also be used as a training system for competence building. It is also conceivable to use the motor modules and the control cabinet beyond the scope described above, so that the components of the starter kit can be utilized on an ongoing basis.

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