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Rotary servomotors


AM8000 | Servomotors

The synchronous servomotors with One Cable Technology from the AM8000 series are suitable for applications with the highest demands on dynamics, speed and performance.

AM8500 | Servomotors with increased rotor moment of inertia

The AM8500 motors with One Cable Technology provide an increased moment of inertia for applications with extremely high requirements for synchronism and control quality.

AM8700 | Servomotors with anodized housing

The AM8700 motors combine the advantages of the highly dynamic AM8000 servomotors with the high requirements of the packaging and food industries.

AM8800 | Stainless-steel motors with hygienic design

The AM8800 motors are ideal for extremely harsh environmental conditions. The highest protection class and stainless steel surfaces defy aggressive media.

AMP8000 | Distributed servo drives

Synchronous servomotor with integrated servo drive for the realization of modular machine concepts without a control cabinet.

AM8100 | Servomotors for compact drive technology

The AM8100 motors are specially designed for operation with the compact drive components in the smallest of mounting spaces.

AMI8100 | Compact integrated servo drives

Synchronous servomotor with integrated servo drive for the realization of machine concepts without a control cabinet in the low voltage range.

AM3000 | Servomotors

The pole-wound synchronous servomotors from the AM3000 series are suitable for dynamic applications. They are available with single-turn or multi-turn absolute encoders.


All drive solutions can be optimally supplemented with our complete and field-proven portfolio of accessories.


The motion software products optimally support the selection and commissioning of suitable hardware components for drive solutions.

Rotary servomotors for positioning tasks with the highest demands on dynamics and performance

The highly efficient rotary servomotors offer the perfect solution for every application. The motors are available either in the version with innovative One Cable Technology (OCT) or with a classic 2-cable standard.

Highly dynamic and flexible

The AM8000 synchronous servomotors are characterized by high dynamics, energy efficiency, and reduced life cycle costs. Seven sizes and up to four stack lengths cover all power ranges. On request, the AM8000 motors are also offered with a third-party cooling system to increase power. The servomotors are available with different windings, which are optimally matched to the Beckhoff servo drives from the AX5000 and AX8000 series. Due to the sophisticated Beckhoff modular system, mechanical adjustments can be implemented quickly. Different ordering options for encoders, holding brakes, and connection options leave no customer wishes unfulfilled. Cross profiles and rotatable Speedtec connectors allow quick installation.

With the AM8500 series, the servomotor range is extended by a complete series with an increased rotor moment of inertia. Integrated OCT safety encoders and a resolution of 24 bits allow the realization of applications with the highest requirements for precision and synchronism. Depending on the requirements, the motors can be equipped with additional options for higher protection classes. With the data programmed as standard in the encoders, the natural cogging can be enormously reduced, which enables perfect concentricity at low speeds.

Motors in hygienic design

The AM8700 series with anodized housing make use of the advantages of the AM8000 series in relation to dynamics and performance. Due to the hygienic design, the motors are easy to clean and conform to a high IP protection class without derating compared to the standard motor. The AM8800 stainless steel motor series is ideal for use in extreme environmental conditions. Connection technology, full stator potting, and a stainless steel surface in hygienic design meet the high requirements of the packaging and food industry in terms of dynamics and cleaning capability.

Compact solution

In the low voltage range, the motors from the AM8100 series are perfectly matched to the Beckhoff servo I/O range. Together with the AM8100 motor series, the EL72xx servo terminals or the EtherCAT Box Modules from the EP72xx series form an extremely small, highly dynamic servo axis. Equipped with OCT (One Cable Technology) and multi-turn absolute encoders, the AM8100 motors are suitable for precise positioning applications.

Decentralized and versatile

The AMP8000 consists of a combination of the proven servomotors from the AM8000 series and a highly efficient servo drive. The integrated secure single-turn or multi-turn encoders enable the AMP8000 to be used in applications where functional safety is required. In the compact drive product area, the AMI8100 combines a servomotor with a servo drive and an EtherCAT interface in a space-saving design for all motion requirements in the power range up to 400 watts. As an EtherCAT slave, the AMI8100 can be placed directly on the machine without a control cabinet and without upstream I/O level, which makes it possible to implement compact and modular machines without control cabinets.

AM3000 dynamic motor series

The pole-wound synchronous servomotors are offered in fine graduations with torques up to 180 Nm. The copper space level was significantly increased by the new manufacturing process. This allows the motors to generate up to 30% more torque from the same volume compared to conventional winding technology. The available equipment options range from the holding brake and different windings to different feedback systems.

Supplementary and intuitive

The rotary servomotor portfolio is rounded off by an extensive and optimally matched range of accessories. The drive system around the servomotor is usefully completed with pre-assembled cables, flanges, and planetary gear units. The motion software products optimally support you with the selection and commissioning of suitable hardware components for drive solutions.