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EP6228-3032 | 8-channel IO-Link master

EP6228-3032 | 8-channel IO-Link master

EP6228-3032 | 8-channel IO-Link master

EtherCAT signal input

EtherCAT signal output

M12 I/O connection sockets

Signal status display

Labelling areas

Power supply status display:

Box supply (US)

Auxiliary voltage (UP)

Power IN

Power OUT

1 | Tx+
2 | Rx+
3 | Rx-
4 | Tx-

1 | L+
2 | P24
3 | L-
4 | C/Q
5 | N24

1 | GNDP
2 | GNDS
3 | FE
4 | +24 V DC US
5 | +24 V DC UP


Top view 

I/O connection 

Connector assignment 
EP6228-3032 | 8-channel IO-Link master

EP6228-3032 | 8-channel IO-Link master

From the IO-Link sensor into the cloud

From the IO-Link sensor into the cloud

The EP6228-3032 IO-Link module enables the connection of up to eight IO-Link devices according to specification V1.1 Class B. These can be IO-Link Box modules, actuators, sensors or a combination of both. A point-to-point connection is used between the module and the device. The EtherCAT Box is parameterised via the EtherCAT master. IO-Link is designed as an intelligent link between the fieldbus level and connected sensors, enabling the bidirectional exchange of parameterisation data via the IO-Link connection. The IO-Link device can be parameterised with service data from TwinCAT via ADS and also very conveniently using the integrated IO-Link configuration tool.

In the standard setting, the eight IO-Link channels of the EP6228-3032 operate as an 8-channel input module, 24 V DC, which communicates with connected IO-Link devices as required, parameterises them and, if necessary, changes their operating mode. Each IO-Link port can optionally be used as a pure input or output.

The 7/8" power supply connectors offer an increased total current of the EtherCAT Box so that all IO-Link ports can be operated with maximum current.

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