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AM8800 | Stainless steel servomotors with hygienic design

Ideal for use in extremely aggressive environmental conditions

Based on the technology of the AM8000 servomotor series, the AM8800 series has a stainless steel housing in hygienic design. The AM8800 is thus ideal for use in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The winding of the AM8800 motors is implemented in single-tooth technology, resulting in a high copper space factor. High continuous torques can be achieved due to the high slot fill factor. The full potting of the stator ensures a thermally ideal transition from the winding to the housing on the one hand and mechanical protection of the winding wires against vibration on the other.

Since the housing and motor shaft are manufactured from scratch-proof stainless steel AISI 316L, no corrosion creep, or damage to the paint finish is possible. Due to the standard design of the motors in protection class IP 69K, the use of steam pressure cleaners is possible. Optionally, the motors are available with a sealing air connection to prevent condensation. The OCT cable gland also has a hygienic design. The lubricants used are approved by the FDA for foodstuffs.

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