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PS1000 | Power supplies

The power supplies from the PS1000 series are suitable for smaller and cost-optimized applications. In comparison with the PS2000 and PS3000, the PS1000 series consciously does without extra power. Nevertheless, users will not have to accept a decrease in quality due to reduced efficiency, reliability, or durability. The low heat development in the housing leads to lower losses and results in a high efficiency of up to 95.7 %. This considerably prolongs the service life of the power supplies and reduces energy costs for cooling. The very high MTBF values (Mean Time Between Failures) of up to 2.52 million hours have a positive effect on the reliability of the devices and thus on their system availability. The compact housing enables the optimum utilization of smaller spaces, too. The PS1000 series features devices with output currents from 2.5 A to 20 A. The output operates according to the UI characteristic curve (except PS1061-2420-000) and switches to the safe hiccup mode in case of overload/short-circuit. In addition to the DC-OK LEDs, the devices with output currents over 5 A have additional DC-OK relay contacts. All devices are fitted as standard with switch-on current limitation and a wide-range input (regional input range for PS1061-xxxx-0000).

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