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FC5201 | PCI DeviceNet

FC5201 | PCI DeviceNet

FC5201 | PCI DeviceNet

FC5201 | PCI DeviceNet

FC5201 | PCI DeviceNet

The FC520x PC plug-in cards link the PC to a DeviceNet network. They can act there as master or as slave modules. The PCI bus interface ensures both high transmission rates to the PC and fully automatic configuration of the cards in the PC hardware. The DeviceNet cards provide a powerful implementation of the protocol, offering many desirable features:

  • All DeviceNet I/O modes are supported: polling, change of state, cyclic, strobed.
  • unconnected message manager (UCMM)
  • Device Heartbeat Messages, Device Shutdown Messages
  • Optionally two DeviceNet channels in parallel on one card are possible.
  • powerful parameter and diagnostics interfaces
  • The error management for each bus user is freely configurable.
  • It is possible to read the bus configuration and automatically assign the “eds” files.

In TwinCAT, all functions are conveniently available. High-level language programs use the DLL, Visual Basic applications the ActiveX interface. OPC applications can access process data and parameters via an OPC server.

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