ELxxxx-0020/-0030 | Calibration certificates for analog EtherCAT Terminals

If Beckhoff EtherCAT Terminals or EtherCAT modules are part of a measurement chain and therefore subject to special requirements for the reproducibility and traceability of measurement results, a calibration certificate can be issued to the user for certain terminal types for quality assurance purposes. This represents considerable added value, because it specifically states the compensation points reached and the measurement uncertainty of the compensation. It is possible, for example, to increase the achievable accuracy in the application using these values.

The certificate is issued for individual terminals/modules, enabling a more precise definition of the entire measurement chain as proof of the exact measurement deviation of the terminal and thus reducing the measurement uncertainty. In the context of the uncertainty assessment of a measurement, the possible influence of the Beckhoff terminal can be reduced in this way. Generally speaking a calibration always represents a review; it confirms the suitability of the device examined according to the specification for the foregoing usage period.

Depending on the terminal type, Beckhoff offers:

Performed by Beckhoff:

  • Factory working standard calibration certificate: As a rule, the product designations end with -0020, but exceptions are possible.

Performed by calibration service providers:

  • ISO 17025 certificate, DAkkS certificate: As a rule, the product designations end with -0030, but exceptions are possible.

Availability information is to be taken from the respective product status; further information is available on request.

The calibration certificate is individually assigned to a terminal and can be downloaded as a PDF on the basis of the unique identification number. It documents the actual, momentary measurement deviation of the terminal at the time of calibration and contains important information on the environmental conditions and the test equipment used, the so-called normal.

Beckhoff recalibration service

Analog input devices that have already been in service can be adjusted and recalibrated by the Beckhoff recalibration service. For this purpose, the same proven method is used as is already used in production. More information about the recalibration service: ZS9001.

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