AX5000 | Digital compact servo drives

The all-rounder for highly dynamic applications

The Beckhoff AX5000 servo drive series sets standards in drive technology: the single- or multi-channel devices are designed for optimum functionality and cost-effectiveness. The integrated, fast control technology with a current control cycle of up to 62.5 μs supports fast and highly dynamic positioning tasks. EtherCAT as high-performance system communication enables ideal interfacing with PC-based control technology and supports coupling with other communication systems.

Future-proof OCT technology

The AX5000 servo drives support the One Cable Technology (OCT) brought onto the market by Beckhoff in 2011, which has opened up new ways for machine manufacturers to develop compact, resource-saving designs. In addition to the servomotors from the AM8000 series, the servo drives form a drive axis that meets the highest demands in terms of positioning accuracy, dynamics and also cost-efficiency.

Flexible feedback interface

A standard feature is the flexible feedback interface, which supports the connection of all common feedback systems, including resolvers, high-resolution encoders with EnDat, BISS or Hiperface. Fully digital feedback systems such as EnDat 2.2 or BISS-C can also be read via an option card.

Flexible motor interface

The operation of the AM8000 servomotor series, in combination with the digital identification plate, is very simple: All necessary data for the optimal adjustment of the current controller as well as a default setting for the speed controller are provided. The parameters for automatic cogging suppression determined in the production process of the AM8000 motors are also part of the identification plate. They are loaded immediately after starting the communication between the controller and the motor resolver. In addition, the AX5000 servo drive also supports many other motor models, such as asynchronous motors, linear motors, torque motors and voice coil motors. The AX5000 is thus a universally usable servo drive for almost all applications.

Cost-optimized design

The AX5000 servo drives are also available in a 2-channel version in order to provide a cost-optimized alternative in the lower power range. Two fully self-contained servo drives share expensive components, such as power supply unit, ballast circuit, mains filters and DC link capacitors. In addition, the power can be adjusted variably between the controllers to suit the respective installed motor power. This increases the application possibilities and reduces the logistics expenditure. The compact design and simple and safe installation through the AX-Bridge quick connection system simplify control cabinet assembly significantly.

Technical highlights:

  • fast control algorithms
    • current control: minimum 62.5 µs
    • speed control: minimum 62.5 µs
    • position control: minimum 62.5 µs
  • variably parameterizable current and speed filters
  • high-speed EtherCAT system communication
  • 1- and 2-channel servo drive
    • optimized for multi-axis applications
    • variable motor output allocation in 2-channel servo drives
  • multi-feedback interface
  • multi-motor interface
    • supports OCT (One Cable Technology)
    • electronic identification plate
  • high-speed capture inputs
    • 8 programmable digital I/Os, 2 with timestamp
  • mains connection with wide voltage range 100... 480 V AC
    • integrated mains filter
  • integration of safety functions (optional with AX58xx)
    • TwinSAFE: STO/SS1
    • TwinSAFE: intelligent safety functions Safe Motion

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