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Sep 3, 2020

Maximum cost-effectiveness: gear unit series AG3xxx

Economy line: maximum cost-effectiveness

In the Economy segment, for applications that are less demanding in terms of the drive solution Beckhoff now offers an extension that is compatible with the high-performance AG2300 and AG2400 gear unit series. For this purpose, the AG3xxx series offers the possibility of realizing a complete drive axis in conjunction with AM8000 servomotors in a very cost-effective manner. All gear units of this series are grease-lubricated for life and can be installed in any mounting position, i.e. vertical or horizontal, with output up or down.

The gear units are available in three different output forms and thus enable a wide range of design solutions within the same series:

  • NP: the classic solution with bolted B5 flange
  • NPS: the alternative for high axial and radial loads
  • NPT: gear units with output flange for direct mounting

With up to 20 different ratios (including common binary ratios), this series offers a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to the respective application.

High power density and efficiency

All AG3000 series gear units are more than 95% efficient under full load. In addition to the standard version, we offer a high-torque version that can transmit significantly higher maximum torques.

High degree of flexibility and easy motor mounting

The interface to the adaptable motors is modular, with different clamping hub diameters, drive stages and mounting options. This allows a wide range of motor sizes to be mounted on the same gear unit. The motor can be mounted safely and accurately in a single step.

Appropriate precision

The torsional backlash of the AG3000 gear series is in the range of 8 angular minutes, which makes it suitable for a wide range of general mechanical engineering applications.