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CX20x0 | Embedded PC series

Embedded PCs with multi-core CPU and PCI express

The CX2030 and CX2040 Embedded PCs extend the CX product family with versions with very high CPU power (optionally with multi-core) and enable direct connection of EtherCAT Terminals or Bus Terminals. The CX2000 in conjunction with EtherCAT and TwinCAT enables very fast control processes in the microsecond range (eXtreme Fast Control Technology).

The basic CPU modules have a CFast card, two independent Gbit Ethernet interfaces, four USB 2.0 interfaces and a DVI-I interface as standard. In addition there are fieldbus or serial connection options. Please note that these have to be specified with the order, i.e. retrospective installation is not possible. Other components from the CX2000 family can be connected via the multi-pin terminals on either side. The multi-pin terminal on the left-hand side enables the connection of up to four further optional modules.

The components

The individual system component are 22 mm wide or a multiple thereof. The basic unit consists of the CX20x0 CPU module and a power supply module (CX2100-0xxx).

Power supply unit with integrated I/O interface and optional UPS

The 24 V DC power supply unit is available in four different versions:

  • CX2100-0004: E-bus/K-bus power supply unit with automatic switchover
  • CX2100-0014: E-bus/K-bus power supply unit with automatic switchover and passive ventilation
  • CX2100-0024: E-bus/K-bus power supply unit electrically isolated and UPS OCT-capable
  • CX2100-0904: E-bus/K-bus power supply unit with automatic switchover and integrated capacitive UPS
  • CX2100-0914: E-bus/K-bus power supply unit with automatic switchover and integrated electronic charging unit for external battery packs in order to maintain UPS functionality

All power supply units feature an illuminated anti-glare LC display with two rows of 16 characters each for displaying status messages.The application programs can also use the display for displaying application-specific texts.

EtherCAT as a fast I/O system

The Embedded PCs were developed with a view towards optimized interaction with EtherCAT. EtherCAT offers a wide range of application options. The separate Gbit Ethernet interfaces enable EtherCAT to be used with cable redundancy by using one of the Ethernet interfaces as redundancy port. In addition, devices with EtherCAT slave interface can be operated such that several intelligent controllers can be synchronized via an EtherCAT network.

PLC, motion control, interpolation and visualization

As Industrial PC on a DIN rail the CX2000 in conjunction with TwinCAT offers the functionality of large Industrial PCs. Multi-core CPUs in conjunction with TwinCAT 3 enable PLC projects to be distributed to several cores, resulting in significant performance gains. Moreover, all TwinCAT functionalities are available for motion control applications: in theory, up to 256 axes can be controlled. In addition to simple point-to-point movements, more complex multi-axis functions such as electronic gearbox, cam plates and flying saw can be implemented. Due to the high-performance CPUs in the CX2000, interpolating 3D path movements can also be implemented and DIN 66025 programs executed. In addition to handling real-time control tasks the TwinCAT real-time kernel leaves enough time for the user interface (HMI). The high performance of the graphics kernel integrated in the CPU enables demanding visualizations with advanced user interfaces to be realized.

The extended operating temperature range between -25 and +60°C enables application in climatically demanding situations.

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