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At MODEX 2022 in Atlanta, Beckhoff Automation will highlight the latest in integrated automation and ultra-compact motion control solutions for material handling and intralogistics applications.

Beckhoff will showcase space-saving innovations that also deliver peak performance and reliability, such as integrated motor drives for distributed drive technology and DIN-rail-mountable drives in a standard I/O terminal format. These low-voltage compact motion solutions with integrated safe motion functions are ideal for shuttles, AMRs, and other mobile equipment. In addition, Beckhoff will present a complete automation portfolio that includes everything from cloud-connected controls to feature-filled PLCs, HMIs, mechatronics, machine vision, and safety technology. Beckhoff offers scalable solutions, unique features, and valuable benefits for all equipment in intralogistics, parcel, and postal applications, which will be shown in booth B5227 at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Adaptive flying motion technology makes microfulfillment a reality
Monday, March 28 11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Location: Microfulfillment
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Join Jeff Johnson, Beckhoff’s Mechatronics Product Manager, as he presents one of the hottest topics in the intralogistics industry: micro-fulfillment. This educational session on March 28 will discuss how adaptive flying motion technology can make micro-fulfillment a reality.

Distributed drive technology for mobile equipment

The new AMI812x series of integrated servo drives expands the Beckhoff compact drive technology portfolio (up to 48 V DC) with devices for distributed installation in the field. The integration of servomotor, output stage and fieldbus connection in one space-saving design makes the drives ideal for automation outside of control cabinets in the motion power range up to 400 W. As an EtherCAT device, the AMI812x integrated servo drive can be placed directly on equipment without a control cabinet or upstream I/O, enabling the implementation of highly compact machines.

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Ultra-compact motion: Powerful servomotor terminals in a robust metal housing

The ELM72xx EtherCAT Terminals are full-featured servo drives in a robust metal housing with an output current of up to 16 A at a power supply voltage of 48 V DC. They expand Beckhoff's range of compact drive technology in I/O terminal formats and include all the latest motion control features along with increased performance and functionality when compared to the earlier EL versions.

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XPlanar: Secure an unbeatable competitive advantage with Flying Motion

New adaptive automation and motion control technologies are often necessary to meet the demands of modern intralogistics applications, including microfulfillment. With automatic collision avoidance, path planning, anti-slosh, 360-degree rotation and more, the XPlanar system enables truly adaptive material handling. With magnetically levitating and flying movers, Flying Motion technology can replace many functions handled by traditional material handling systems and robots. XPlanar tiles can be covered with stainless steel, plastic or glass surfaces for hygienic and washdown environments often required for pharma and grocery fulfillment applications. Zero friction between movers and above the tiled surface means zero wear on the system, improving uptime and the ROI equation for adapting this highly flexible, ultra-performance technology in your fulfillment operation.

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Ultra-compact Industrial PCs: High-end computing power in a space-saving design

The space-saving Industrial PC series that started with the C6015 has proven itself through its low space requirements, universal application and flexible mounting. The newest addition to the compact IPC line is the C7015. This IP65/67-rated IPC hardware has flexible mounting options and is ideally suited for use in harsh environments. The robust C7015 can expertly handle intralogistics automation, PLC, motion control, edge computing, IoT functionality and more on one powerful device. The C7015 is a further offering in Beckhoff’s complete portfolio of cabinet-free automation.

Ultra-compact Industrial PCs


TwinCAT/BSD Hypervisor for virtual machines

TwinCAT/BSD is a Unix-based operating system for Beckhoff machine controllers as alternative to Windows. The powerful TwinCAT/BSD operating system, with security of a modern Unix platform, offers all the typical benefits of a Beckhoff system, including multi-core processing capabilities and use of 3rd party software. The operating system runs concurrently with the powerful real-time TwinCAT automation platform on a single Beckhoff machine controller. With this TwinCAT/BSD OS extension, Beckhoff increases availability through integrated virtual machine environments and the ability to deploy multiple operating systems of different types, such as Linux and Windows.

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EtherCAT G: Ultimate I/O performance at 1 Gbit/s

EtherCAT reaches the next performance level with EtherCAT G through its capability to superimpose itself on Gigabit Ethernet for particularly data-intensive applications. This ensures compatibility with the globally established, 100 Mbit/s EtherCAT standard and its functional principles. EtherCAT and EtherCAT G work together efficiently as parallel network segments using an innovative branch controller concept. The extension of EtherCAT G supports the requirements of complete warehouse digitization while maintaining the fastest, highest performance control network available on the market.

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