Oct 29, 2020

A.M.P Rose combines several XTS systems into a flexible multi-packaging system

XTS: Interaction of two XTS systems enables flexible multipack system

The Multipack Flowrap machine from A.M.P Rose is a packaging machine with two XTS systems for packaging single or multiple units in the confectionery industry. Individual product transport creates a continuous flow of material for packaging. The low energy requirements and compact design of the XTS are particularly advantageous compared to conventional systems. In addition, the system has been brought to the operator's working level, allowing for easy maintenance and cleaning.Thanks to the arbitrary number of movers, the application-specific trajectories and the individual movement profiles of each mover, the XTS achieves a precise, product-specific configuration in the multi-packaging system: Individual product sizes, the number of units in a pack, the number of product layers and the pack length can be changed at the touch of a button. Conversion parts are completely eliminated and downtimes are reduced to a minimum.