Cables sold by the meter


EtherCAT and fieldbus cables

As the inventor of EtherCAT, Beckhoff offers the most comprehensive product range of raw EtherCAT and fieldbus cables in the most diverse executions.

Power cables

The use of power cables sold by the meter with matching connectors is ideal for cabling in the field or on the machine.

Sensor cables

Sensor cables as bulkware offer full flexibility when wiring sensors and actors with EtherCAT Terminals and Box modules.

Hybrid cables

As the pioneer of One Cable Automation Beckhoff offers OCT and other hybrid cables as a slim solution to combine power and data transmission in the field.

The right cable for every application

Beckhoff offers cables sold by the meter for EtherCAT, fieldbus, power, sensor and hybrid cables in the most diverse combination options for direct assembly in the field. Cables and wires are available as raw material in various forms such as yard cuts or in longer lengths as ring, reel or drum.

Beckhoff specifies and qualifies all cables in-house to ensure permanently stable connection between the devices. In close coordination with the cable design, Beckhoff also offers the option of designing and manufacturing cables that are specially adapted to the application.

With an annual output of more than 1500 kilometers and more than 70 different cable types, Beckhoff is one of the leading suppliers of cables in the automation industry. From highly dynamic robots to static installation in industrial halls or buildings, Beckhoff covers every application with its diversity.


  • suitable for use in drag chains, robots, handling and portal systems as well as in the food, beverage, and cleanroom areas
  • permanent laying of the cables in cable trays and racks, as well as in open and closed cable ducts
  • UL/CSA approval for all unfinished cables, including fire protection classes FT1 to FT4
  • cable sheath made of various materials such as TPE, PUR, PVC, PP, FRNC, and FEP/PTFE
  • Comprehensive expertise from sensor cables to complex hybrid cables
  • Cables adapted to the application and Beckhoff devices are available from stock