ELMxxxx | EtherCAT measurement terminals

Precise, fast and robust terminals for DAQ applications

The ELMxxxx EtherCAT measuring terminals are designed for versatile use both in the production industry and on the test bench. They are the right choice for analog measurements where maximum measuring accuracy (also: lowest measurement uncertainty) in the range of 100 ppm (0.01%) and below is important. They can be used in the terminal segment with EL/ES terminals and thus extend the universal terminal construction kit by high-quality measurement technology: accurate, reliable and stable in the long term. Two series are available:

  • Basic series | 10…50 ksps per channel, simultaneously
  • Economy series | 1 ksps per channel, multiplexed

ELM3x0x Basic series
Multifunction channels with numerous integrated measuring ranges (30 V to 20 mV, ±20 mA, full/half/quarter bridge, strain gauge, IEPE, thermocouple, RTD) as well as functionally reduced versions with different numbers of channels are available in the basic ELM3x0x series, with high sample rates of 10 kSps and more.

ELM3x4x Economy series
The ELM3x4x economy series supplements the basic series by the 1 kSps speed class. The terminals allow high-precision measurements of analog signals in the range from ±1.25 V to ±10 V and ±20 mA with maximum accuracy in a wide temperature range at low channel costs.

ELM2x4x Multiplexer
In addition, digital channel switches (multiplexers) are available. Multiplexers can be used to switch multiple sources to an analog input channel. The multi-channel acquisition of analog signals and the flexible switching of various test states are thus easily integrated on the DIN rail without externally connected changeover switches. The wear-free semiconductors of the ELM274x 1:4 multiplexer series switch with an extremely low leakage current and are particularly suitable for small analog signals. Thanks to its reed contacts, the functionally identical ELM264x series can be used when leakage current-free separation of signals is required.

If necessary, the EKM1101 EtherCAT Coupler can be placed upstream. It provides a stabilized power supply for the measuring terminals and additionally provides monitoring data for temperature and applied voltages as well as position and vibration in the control cabinet. It is therefore the perfect monitoring tool for a permanently stable measurement operation.

Areas of application:

  • all data acquisition systems (DAQ) that require high-performance and accurate analog acquisition
  • piece checking in production machines
  • test bench construction, component test
  • vibration monitoring
  • weighing tasks and strain measurements
  • temperature measurement for the temperature control of machine tools


  • plug-in compatible with standard EtherCAT Terminals (ELxxxx, ESxxxx, ELXxxxx) in a terminal segment on the DIN rail
  • up to 50,000 samples per second per channel
  • simultaneous acquisition of channels in the basic series, also cross-terminal through distributed clocks synchronization
  • adjusted to a high measurement accuracy of ±0.01% (100 ppm) and less, depending on the terminal and measuring range
  • sturdy metal housing for perfect heat dissipation and shielding of interference
  • available with different plug front ends: LEMO, BNC and push-in
  • pre-treated in the Beckhoff production for stable measurement results in long-term use
  • integrated connection and function diagnostics
  • Extensive mathematical functions can be activated in the terminals.
  • optionally with calibration certificate (factory, ISO 17025 or DAkkS) depending on the type

More about the measurement and testing technology

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