AM8000 | Synchronous servomotors

Dynamic power packages made in Germany

The AM8000 servomotors are durable and powerful synchronous servomotors. They are available in seven sizes with up to four lengths and offer a seamlessly overlapping range for all application areas with a standstill torque from 0.2 to 129 Nm and speeds of up to 12,000 rpm. The high-performance servomotor series is characterized by a very high power density and a compact design. Small end turns and the fully potted stator give a perfect thermal contact between the stator and the motor housing.

The motors are highly dynamic as a result of low rotor inertias coupled with an overload capability of up to 5 times. The motors can optionally be ordered with One Cable Technology (OCT) or resolver (2-cable standard). In the case of OCT, the encoder cable is omitted. The feedback signals are transmitted digitally via the existing standard motor cable. It is possible to reduce the wiring costs by up to 50%. All seven sizes are modularly constructed so that mechanical adaptations can be implemented quickly according to the customer's wishes. With a guaranteed service life of 30,000 h for the wearing parts such as ball bearings, special focus was made on the durability and robustness of the motors. The 24-bit SIL 2 safety encoder is integrated as standard for high-precision applications. Matching accessories such as gears and preassembled motor and encoder cables are available.

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